Beth Gorsky

Certified Affiliate Intern

Santa Barbara, CA

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Hi, I'm Beth! Offering assisted stretch sessions and one-on-one self stretch classes and private sessions for kiddos and adults. I graduated UCSB with my Bachelors degree in Anthropology. I am the Business Owner at Santa Barbara Body Contouring, LLC and Reiki Master Practitioner. I have my certifications in P90X, Lagree Fitness, Level V Certified Affiliate Intern at The Genius of Flexibility for more than 5 years now. I also have experience co-leading Wellness retreats including Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training in Costa Rica, and Idaho.

I was introduced to Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training over five years ago after recovering from a neck injury and have not been in pain since. I am grateful for the teaching of Bob Cooley, Nick, Luther, Patrick and the whole RF community that has been instrumental to my growth. I love Resistance Stretching!

I am here to introduce and assist you in a revolutionary new way to stretch the body! Think of this as a new chapter in your book of life. I say that boldly because this practice will literally change your life -- it did for me! You will be clearing old dense connective tissue and even scar tissue. When this occurs, your body will literally wake up from a slumber. You will be reintroduced to the way your body felt in years past.

You can expect to:

Feel re-energized by a full body awakening.
Clear dense connective tissue and scar tissue.
Feel more flexible than you ever thought possible.
Experience increased muscle performance, vitality, and function -- all while decreasing risk of injury.
Achieve better sleep, digestion, and mental clarity.
Be and feel uplifted.
Gain excitement for new possibilities.
Enhance your practice of what you already love to do.
Create immediate and permanent benefits!
How do you stretch fascia?

Fascia stretching is not passive, it is active. Take what you know about traditional stretching and flip it upside down. In traditional stretching, the muscle is lengthened until a stretch is felt and then pushed "a little bit farther" in hopes to gain more flexibility. However, when this occurs and the muscle does not have the capacity to stretch more, the body goes into protection mode and lays microscopic scar tissue throughout the muscle which then decreases your flexibility! Fascia stretching is safer stretching. The muscles are never taken to the end range, therefore no risk of over-stretching. Fascia stretching is opposite of traditional stretching.

The basic fascia stretching equation:

Shorten the area you are stretching.
Add compression by activating or contracting the shortened muscle or area.
Move in the opposite direction.
And that is it! The fascia equation is applied to each body part throughout all the stretches and strength movements. We begin each session with a mindful presence to set the body's foundation and wake up the nervous system by grounding down through our feet. This allows the body to fully connect while moving through the fascia stretches, creating stability and security throughout the movements. Our bodies are a masterpiece of connected life through our cells, organs, nerves, blood vessels, veins, muscles, bones, and skin. Fascia is what holds it ALL together.

I want you to get the most out of each session. Have a journal handy to write down certain stretches that felt incredible in your body to build your fascia toolbox. Thank you for being here and starting this life changing journey with me!

Note: Please consult with your healthcare practitioner prior to starting a new exercise practice.


The Reiki System of Natural Healing is a Japanese healing technique used to activate and promote the natural healing abilities of the body by reducing stress and including relaxation. Reiki uses Divine Chi (Life Force Energy) to heal. It is a valuable complement to all healing therapies, including mainstream medicine. Reiki cannot harm anyone or anything because the energy is coming from Spirit. Reiki provides an excellent foundation upon which to add other healing modalities, if the person chooses to do so. Reiki is one of the most recognized healing arts being used today. Experience a REIKI healing and relaxation session that will help you release disempowering unhealthy thoughts, emotions and habits that block your connection to your True Self. The more connected you become to your True Self and the more you can experience this connection, the easier it will be to release negativity and create health and balance in your life. Experience a new sense of peace and wellbeing in your day to day life.

What you can expect:
~Deep relaxation
~Increased Energy
~Remove energy blocks
~Reduce stress
~Enhance health & wellbeing
~Reduce aches and pains
~Preventative healthcare
~Energize and balance

My greatest reward is changing someone’s life for the better!

Beth A. Gorsky

The Genius of Flexibility, Santa Barbara

Resistance Flexibility Trainer
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Santa Barbara Body Contouring, Owner
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