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I would like to introduce you to the remarkable flexibility and strength training methods of Bob Cooley. I first met Bob in Boston in August of 2012 having learned of his work from Nick Ware, one of his elite trainers. Nick had seen me in a YouTube video and felt I'd be interested in Bob's work because of my interest in fascia and health. At the time, I had no idea how truly revolutionary Bob's work was. I had to experience it myself to really understand what profound changes in flexibility and strength were possible with Resistance Flexibility training.

I learned that muscles don't stretch by simply yanking on them, but instead when you stretch a muscle it naturally tenses and resists. When you allow this natural response, you achieve the results you have always expected from flexibility training in yoga, Pilates, etc. I personally discovered that my chronic low back pain, and hip joint limitation in movement were erased within several sessions. Then I discovered that when you stretch in this way, not only do you get increases in flexibility but you also achieve predictable strength gains, as well as physiological and psychological benefits, and spiritual life changes.

Bob Cooley

Bob Cooley

Author The Genius of Flexibility
Director The Genius of Flexibility Centers

More than three decades ago I was involved in a tragic pedestrian car accident. In an attempt to rehabilitate myself physically and psychologically, I uncovered how all animals naturally create their flexibility and strength. Contrary to what most people think, animals tense the muscle and resist when stretching. This natural tensing and resisting causes dramatic upgrades in the fascia, and results in immediate increases in flexibility and strength. I call this way of stretching Resistance Flexibility™.


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Immediate, cumulative, and permanent increases in flexibility
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