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You can do Resistance Flexibility (RF) exercises as self stretches or you can assist each other. Being assisted by another person can greatly accelerate the rate of increases in flexibility and strength. Bob has also identified 16 different muscle groups, 8 types of stretches for the lower body and 8 types of stretches for the upper body. On his website, there are more than a hundred self and assisted Resistance Flexibility exercises in the Training Archive section. There is also an instructional video for each stretch for different levels of difficulty, with in-depth explanations of how each stretch targets specific muscle groups. But this work is about much more than simply increasing muscle strength and flexibility. Every change in muscle and flexibility patterns is also accompanied by upgrades in physiological, psychological, and energetic benefits. Bob told me about this on my first visit. But to appreciate the genius of this system, I had to experience it personally and also observe it in others over time.

I suggest that you start experiencing the benefits of Resistance Flexibility with your hamstring muscles. The hamstrings have the largest amount of accumulated dense fascia and scar tissue compared to any other group, so you will want to prioritize increasing the strength and flexibility of these muscles.

Bob Cooley

Bob Cooley

Author The Genius of Flexibility
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Traditional methods of stretching or massage cannot create the flexibility that a person desires. When you tense and resist a muscle while stretching, the fascia and muscle produces the amount of resistance and tension that is needed to change the fascia and improve the flexibility and strength. This natural amount of force produced by the fascia and muscle could not be tolerated if administered from outside the body though there is zero pain when using Resistance Flexibility.


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The natural forces generated by the fascia and muscle while Resistance Flexibility training cannot be tolerated if administered from outside the body.

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