Christopher Dolan is a professional golfer that began working with Bob Cooley and the RFST Elite Trainers in November of 2010 at The Genius of Flexibility Center in Boston, MA. He came to us to improve his flexibility, golf swing, and overall level of fitness. However, he left with another major change after working with us for four days.

For years Chris could not get a good nights sleep. In fact, he could not remember the last time he had woken up feeling rested. Chris started tracking his quality of sleep on an iPad app called Sleep Cycle two months prior to his visit. The app helped him discover that he was never getting consistent deep sleep.

This all changed after doing RFST...

Christopher Dolan's Sleep Patterns Before RFST

This is a two week sample of Christopher Dolan's typical sleep cycle before working with Bob Cooley and the Elite Trainers.

You can see that the longest stretch of deep restorative sleep he had was for two hours (07-08 [Mon]) with the average sleep period being 30 minutes.

Christopher Dolan's Sleep Patterns After RFST

Chris had a total of four private sessions with Bob Cooley and the Elite Trainers during his stay in Boston; one each day with the first on Friday the 19th and the last on Monday the 22nd.

Thanks to RFST, Chris had five consecutive hours of deep sleep on the third night, according to the Sleep Cycle app. The longest period of consecutive deep sleep he had before working with Bob and the Elite Trainers was two hours. He averaged more than three consecutive hours of deep sleep per night during his stay whereas before he averaged only 30 minutes. The following charts show the remarkable change in Christopher's sleep pattern duing his three night stay in Boston.

In His Own Words

Words could not describe my excitement for the changes I was going to see in my flexibility and overall level of health when I decided to begin working with Bob and his group of Elite Trainers. However, the one thing I never thought of was that they could change how I sleep. For years I tried everything from sleeping pills to sleep studies to herbal treatments. I changed mattresses, pillows... basically whatever I could try - I did - and nothing changed the fact that I would still wake up exhausted. Until I worked with Bob. I am now waking up rested and wanting to get out of bed for the first time in as long as I can remember. We did not aim to address my sleeping problem... it was just another amazing benefit of this amazing work.

— Christopher Dolan

Professional Golfer
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