Christopher Pearsall

Certified Elite Trainer

Los Angeles, CA

Santa Barbara, CA

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This work is unlike anything I have experienced. Whether you're thinking it's your "thing" or not, I am SURE it is capable of creating changes quickly, on all levels of development, starting with the vast physical changes to the tissue and bio-mechanics, to the emotional, psychological and spiritual. I was guided through a series of synchronicities that led me here to Santa Barbara. I couldn't be more sure of its positive effects on me and everyone the work touches. If nothing else, its compelling! It's kept me (a ramblin' man of sorts) to stay put and continue learning and growing within this amazing community of people.
I'm open with myself doing this work. I'm happy to share my experience and learn from every person I can. We are all constantly undergoing change and transition, and we grow through our capacity to see change in others and our experience with life.

Come stretch and push to feel something in a new way!