Devon Aber

Certified Affiliate Intern

Santa Barbara, CA

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In the fall of 2015, I was near to completing my BA in Transpersonal Psychology, when I walked into the open doors of the Resistance Flexibility Stretch Center, here in Santa Barbara. That first encounter was magical and undeniably meant to be! Soon thereafter I completed my BA, and chose to study and train with Bob Cooley. I have been honored to work closely with Bob, and the other brilliant trainers here, to this day. The deep changes I have had by stretching the dense fascial tissue out of my hamstrings and arms has remarkably changed aspects of how I experience myself and my life. It is a healing experience discovering that what is stored in the physical body (where we begin) connects us to the relationships in ourselves, in worlds that are not only physical but, also, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. Sharing my experiences with others and theirs with me provides a network of support that allows for change to happen. It is profound to be discovering and developing a body of health and vibrance, together and individually. This is why it brings me joy to stretch with you, stretching in all ways.