Fundraiser by Summer Keith

Help with Medical Expenses

Thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is Summer Keith and I’ve had a rough few years to put it lightly. In 2017, at the age of 24, I was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disorder called Post-Hypoxic Myoclonus, otherwise known as Lance-Adams Syndrome. Since my diagnosis, I’ve lost my ability to walk and now spend my days either in a wheelchair or laying down. It has been particularly hard on my family as I cannot care for myself and they must help me with everything.

Today I am writing in hopes of gathering enough support through the generosity of my fellow human beings to help sponsor my Resistance Flexibility sessions with Bob Cooley and his trainers in Boston. I began working with them this past winter and have experienced results that give me hope that my life isn’t over or the downward spiral I once thought was my fate. After each session with Bob and his skilled trainers, my severe tremors have been consistently reduced and even completely stopped in some parts of my body for a period of time. I’ve also noticed increased physiological and neurological function and an improved ability to speak. In short, every session brings me closer to getting my life back.

My insurance, unfortunately, does not cover Resistance Flexibility sessions and therefore every aspect is an out-of-pocket cost. This can be quite expensive as 3 to 5 trainers are required to stabilize my body as it can spasm quite violently when making a movement during treatment. Right now, I can only afford to see Bob and his trainers in Boston once or twice a month. This is much better than nothing, yet both Bob and I agree that it is not nearly enough to pull me out of the condition I am currently in. My goal is to raise $25,000 so that I can afford 40+ sessions and get the consistent and intensive help that I need.

If you’d like to help and be a part of my recovery, please feel free to donate and/or share my crowdfunding page at Even the smallest donation is a huge help to me.

Thank you and wishing you all the best,


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Fundraiser by Jesse Zastrow

Airstroke in the 2020 Olympics

Two years ago, I made the most drastic change of my life by embarking upon a career path in Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training (RFST) with Bob Cooley in Boston at The Genius of Flexibility Center.

That summer at Walden Pond, Bob also shared with me his knowledge and expertise in swimming biomechanics and competition. Bob developed a new head-up freestyle stroke, the Airstroke Freestyle™, a competitive head-up freestyle that was faster than the traditional freestyle, a natural way to swim for everyone. The Airstroke Freestyle significantly decreases the chronic swimmer’s shoulder injury and postural problems of head down traditional swimming. What I experienced resonated deeply with me as I had grown up from age 8 through college swimming the traditional freestyle. Now instead with the Airstroke Freestyle, I am free to breathe, swim faster and faster, can actually accelerate, and enjoy the view of the world about me. Head-up swimming is the natural way all mammals swim.

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