16 Genetic Personality Types

The 16 Geniuses — Sixteen Genetic Personality Types

More than two decades ago I discovered sixteen genetic personality types, I call them the sixteen geniuses.

Once you know about types,
for the rest of your life,
anytime you meet anyone,
you may always think and forever be unable not to think,
the indelible question:
"What type is this person?"

I initially discovered the types from within my own body, while attempting to rehabilitate myself from a tragic pedestrian automobile accident, and not as you probably conceptualized by me being a paleontologist at a remote archeological dig or as an academic researcher stumbling into rare scrolls in an ancient library. One way to identify each type is to name them by two of their most exceptional high traits. I’m wondering... which one of the 16 types are you?

The Genius of Decision Making and Devotion (GB)
The Genius of Freedom and Giving (LV)
The Genius of Truth and Power (LU)
The Genius of Perfection and Completion (LI)
The Genius of Sobriety and Self-Knowing (ST)
The Genius of Peace and Communication (PA)
The Genius of Unconditional Love and Right Action (HE)
The Genius of Creativity and Passion (SI)
The Genius of Mastery and Problem Solving (BR)
The Genius of Intimacy and Will (SE)
The Open and Judicious Genius of Openness and Judiciousness (PE)
The Genius of Athletics and Community (SK)
The Genius of Hope and Honesty (BL)
The Genius of Understanding and Humor (KI)
The Genius of Change and Integrity (AP)
The Genius of Healing and Soul (TH)

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