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Three Resistance Flexibility Exercises (5:27)

Resistance Flexibility for the Whole Body (22:42)

Read the Book

Resistance Flexibility 1.0 by Bob Cooley

Read the book, Resistance Flexibility 1.0 by Bob Cooley, to discover the basic principles for achieving true flexibility with Resistance Flexibility. Learn how to remove dense fascia and scar tissue from your body and how this process develops you physically as well as psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. Let the photos and descriptions in the book serve as a teaching aid to help you put these principles into action through self and/or assisted stretching.

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The Genius of Flexibility's Training Archive

Subscribe to our Training Archive, which features over 200 (and growing) streaming instructional videos and photos of self and assisted stretching, full length classes/lectures, customizable exercise sequences, personalized flexibility tests, interactive muscular / meridian maps, online support forums, social features, and more.

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Attend Certifications / Weekend Intensives

Our trainings are designed to provide an entry-level education of all principles involved in Bob Cooley's Resistance Flexibility. They are open to all ages, abilities, and levels of experience. The only prerequisite is an interest!

Certifications / Weekend Trainings

Out trainings are a great way to be introduced to RF for personal or professional gain. They are physically demanding, but everyone works at their own pace. Variations are taught for every exercise allowing people of all ages and abilities to fully participate.

Attend one of our trainings to be introduced to our community of people that develop each other's health through assisted stretching and the sharing of perspective. Many people attend a weekend course with a friend so that they have someone to practice assisted stretching with.

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Attend Group / Personal Retreats

Our retreats are designed to advance your health in all ways through daily Resistance Flexibility training while giving you a break from your day to day routine.

Join one of our scheduled group retreats, or book your personal retreat to suit your schedule for whatever length you desire.

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Personal Retreats

Visit The Genius of Flexibility Centers

The Genius of Flexibility Santa Barbara

Visit The Genius of Flexibility Centers to experience Resistance Flexibility firsthand.

Our location in Santa Barbara, CA is the greenest building in town and embodies our vision of an ideal work space: working within a structure that is ecologically sound so as to reflect the sustainability we create within a person's body.

Our centers offer certification trainings / weekend intensives, private sessions, classes, workshops, special events, and more. Contact us to come by one of our centers to observe, assist, and participate. There are many ways to get involved with Resistance Flexibility. Please let us know how we can assist you.

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Schedule Private Sessions / Video Chat Sessions

Private Sessions

Our centers also offer private sessions. This is your time to work with highly skilled trainers for intensive and personalized flexibility training.

Learn more about online private sessions conducted via video chat. Get personalized assistance and instruction regardless of where you are in the world.

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Join Our Online Community

We welcome you to our online community of Resistance Flexibility enthusiasts. This is included with your Training Archive membership. Join the social forum on our website to ask questions and share your experience with others.

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Find and Create Local Community


Find a stretching partner and stretching group in your area.

Simply type in your city and state on our website to get started.

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Follow our trainers as we chronicle their development and feature status updates, video footage, and interviews.

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Private Sessions

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Folow our blog for posts about becoming flexible in all ways.

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Reach out to us with any questions. Let us know how we can facilitate your development.

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