Paula Criss
Certified Affiliate Intern

Santa Barbara, CA / Los Angeles, CA

Paula's Class Schedule
@ The Genius of Flexibility Santa Barbara

Monday — 5:15 pm - 6:30 pm

Trainer Bio

My journey to resistance stretching began as a private client. Decades of cycling, running and hiking had left my body twisted, tight and stiff. While yoga, chiropractic and massage offered some relief, my body always reverted to a less than comfortable state. A pelvic fracture in 2010 compelled me to find body work offering permanent upgrades and thereby maintain an active lifestyle well past middle age.

After my first resistance stretching session my body felt more available to me, more fluid, lighter. As my body began to right itself, I discovered that Bob Cooley’s genius of flexibility offered me more than physical relief. By consistently stripping away the fascia I felt less stressed and more confident. I was better able to release what no longer served me.

Yes, stretching has fringe benefits…

We talk about resistance stretching as a subtractive process. After numerous sessions and hours of self stretching I truly believe it’s a way back to ourselves. Stretch by stretch our pain and limitations, physical and otherwise, gradually disintegrate.


Paula Criss

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  • October 03 2016
Paula Criss



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