Mimi Amrit
Certified Affiliate Intern

Santa Barbara, CA

Trainer Bio

Living a healthy lifestyle has always been my priority…
A nutritious organic plant based diet and exercise are my daily choices.
I’ve been a Massage Therapist and Yoga practitioner for 30 yrs, and have been devoted to giving my clients the best treatments and information for their well being, too.

So Resistance Flexibility spoke to me instantly! The 16 Stretches take Yoga poses to a higher level, and result in immediate lasting changes to the body. I’ve studied many healing modalities and approaches to Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual growth, but none link them all together through the Physical body, as Bob Cooley does. It’s a beautiful flow, and as I experience more development within myself, this work becomes clearer and validates itself!

Initially, I thought I would learn RFST for my own benefit, but have become so excited about the infinite realm of possibility it offers, I just had to share it!

Look forward to meeting and S T R E T C H I N G …. YOU !
I spend my time between Santa Barbara, and Sun Valley, Idaho... in both places...
I am available for Private Sessions …
Resistance Flexibility Stretch Sessions
Massage... incorporating Resistance Flexibility Stretches
Resistance Flexibility Self Stretch Lessons


Mimi Amrit

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  • March 26 2016
Mimi Amrit

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