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I love Resistance Flexibility! It has helped me immensely, and it is fun and satisfying to help others.

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I grew up in a family which encouraged the arts, humanities, and a liberal enquiry into psychology and spirituality. That set the stage for my interests in art and music, and aiming to lead a conscientious fulfilling life, and lead eventually to the recognition of the richness and value of Resistance Flexibility.

As a young adult I decided to learn fundamental skills—how to grow food and create shelter. This led to training in organic farming, and a career in carpentry for twenty or so years. In the meantime I followed my interests in the study of mythology and psychology; my love of playing and composing music; and my desire to be at home and healthy in my body, which included aikido, trail running, surfing, biking, tai chi, chi gung, and yoga.

About twenty five years ago carpel tunnel symptoms prevented me from playing classical guitar so I started focusing on visual arts—primarily plein-air and figure drawing and painting. This led, circuitously, to employment in photography and graphic design, as well as setting up and maintaining computer systems (mac), and much later led to (mac) app development regarding anatomy for yogis. My wrist issue, as well as an immune system problem, reinforced my interest in and dedicated practice of yoga and pranayama, which helped me to resolve both problems. Delving into yoga thus allowed me to return to playing guitar, and I very much enjoyed learning about yoga philosophy as well as the physical practice. In 1999 I took my first yoga teacher trainings and started teaching shortly thereafter. That led to 12 years of teaching and studying yoga and yoga philosophy. I am currently a Yoga Alliance RYT500 certified instructor. I have taken yoga teacher and/or yoga therapy trainings with Eric Schiffman, Lisa Walford, and Tias Little, among others, and many with John Friend (founder of Anusara Yoga). I Studied yoga philosophy and psychology with Douglas Brooks and Paul Muller Ortega, and meditation with Paul Muller Ortega.

In the fall of 2012 I developed a painful knee problem for which my yoga knowledge was not helpful. I tried many alternative modalities, but to no avail (and in some cases further harm). In 2013 Nick Ware and Luther Cowden moved to Santa Barbara to offer trainings in Resistance Flexibility (RF). RF proved to be very effective in helping my knee, as well as other bio-mechanical issues I had put on hold for lack of a way to address them. Because of the effectiveness of RF I dove into the training in order to learn what I had been doing, or not doing, that contributed to my knee problem. This led to a growing appreciation for the deep sophistication of the RF method.

Resistance Flexibility has provided me with highly effective methods and knowledge for healing and developing in many ways. Through the RF training and practice I learned, for the first time, how to stretch and be stretched really effectively—systematically, predictably, and reliably. I learned how intelligent and subtle real stretching and strength training can be. I found how deeply satisfying and therapeutic it is to be stretched by a supportive community of fellow practitioners. I learned how essential the assistance and perspective of others is to my wellbeing and growth. I learned, and continue to learn, how to stretch others, better and better. I have learned how to really feel into another person's body to guide them where they don't even know they can go, and thus allow them greater freedom and wellbeing.

Formerly when I practiced yoga I thought if I just worked longer and harder I could fix myself—like the proverbial yogi in the cave. RF has taught me I need others to help me identify my weaknesses, and that others can stretch me and help me grow in ways I can't possibly achieve, or at times even conceive of, on my own. This is true regarding psychological, emotional, and spiritual growth as well as physical. RF has helped me see ways in which I was stuck and ignorant in relating to others, as well as the sometimes skewed ways I perceive myself and the world.

In the process of learning RF I have also found what a great pleasure it is to stretch others and help them as I have been. I enjoy helping people solve the puzzle of their problems, the creativity of finding solutions, and the artistry possible in the method. I enjoy the challenge of the physicality of the process, and how working on others helps me too, both as exercise, and as a very satisfying and intimate way to share something valuable and interesting with people. It is really a pleasure to see people realize greater facility, ease, and joy through RF, and to watch them learn and develop.

I am happy to say my knee, and my whole body, and my whole being, are much healthier due to RF. My knee was the impetus that got me to spend enough time to learn about the richness RF has to offer. If I hadn't been injured I might not have had the patience to delve deep enough. I might have thought what I knew was good enough, and who needs another system? As it turned out, once I was working with RF for a while it grew on me that this method knowledge base are vastly more comprehensive and effective than I imagined at the outset. I now have many more tools, better knowledge, and supportive and caring friends to help me keep growing more flexible, stronger, and healthier, in many ways. I am grateful for the guidance and teaching of Bob Cooley, Luther Cowden, Nick Ware, and the whole RF community that has been instrumental to my healing and growth.


Kaj Hoffman

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Kaj Hoffman

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