These geniuses are 16 iconic types,
universally admired archetypes,
and the basis for all cultures, races, religions, and nationalities.

Once you know about types,
for the rest of your life,
anytime you meet anyone,
you will always think and forever be unable not to think,
the indelible question:
“What type is this person?”

It takes a lot to know someone, but only a moment
to type them.

New ideas about types,
innumerable and unfathomable in their effect,
ideas almost wholly unknown to most,
initially discovered by consequences and later by intention,
are being revealed for the first time.

Your type is much more pervasive than your
cultural, religious, racial, or occupational uniforms,
or your economic status, group membership, or other homogeneous uniforms,
more immutable regardless of any education
that you could ever involve yourself in.

Knowing types unequivocally validates that everyone is unique,
irreplicable, exceptional, exclusive, and rare.
For knowing types makes everyone even more aware
of the soleness of everyone.
There are many, many people that are the same type as you,
but there is and will never be another you.
Though you will not be the same as other people
that are the same type as you,
your types will always remain the same,
no conditioning can ever change that,
so how you develop yourself is all there really is to do.

People are more awake than asleep,
but still a little in the dark, and dreaming about being more awake.
People are more alive than dead,
but still lacking enough energy, and aware of needing to be lighter.
People are more conscious than unconscious,
but still a little too anxious, and wanting to be more satisfied.
And people are more knowledgeable than not,
but still clearly unknowledgeable, and wishing for more enlightenment.
Because most people are as yet unable to identify something ...

Balancing Types:
I'd rather be with someone that doesn't need me to be someone else.

Experiencing the world the way your balancing part of you does
is like being on a train and you are watching the scenery go by fast, and
instead you get off the train and watch the train go by.
Your view of the world has completely flipped.
½ the view of your reality rests within your unconscious way of being.
Most everyone is normally leaving out or unknowing of ½ of reality.
Knowing that other ½ perspective unveils your full view of reality.
And this other ½ view is identical to your balancing type's view.

Once you know types
you become less biased even perhaps unbiased
about other people's behaviors.
It is common to view other people's actions
in overly judgmental and critical ways.
But all that changes instantly when you know types.

Typing affords you the ability to identify who you are,
a genius in your own right,
with inalienable instincts, intelligence, and intuitions,
equal to everyone,
and ultimately connected with everything.

The information on types grows each day,
fast like a child, sudden like lightning,
sharp as a sword, and deep as anything can go;
humbling everyone in its path.

It is perhaps outright absurd for me to think
that I have discovered the types, their unconsciousnesses,
and their balancing types.
But I think you will find all of these new ideas true.
And then you will be thought of as being as audacious as myself
because of what you have learned
—about types.

But the changes that you experience
as you integrate into these other parts of yourself
as you learn about the different types within you,
might best be described as:
you experiencing yourself living on different continents,
with many different people, at different moments, every other minute,
of everyday.
Your everyday experience of yourself and the world about you
will be turned inside out and outside in.
This I am certain of.

The enigma of knowing huwomen is over.
The arcana of types has been blown wide open to everyone.
A map of human consciousness is unfolding here.

May the changes that result from knowing types,
become an hegira for both inside and outside everyone,
and bring nothing but more peace within yourself,
and into the world.

Analytical types

The Genius of Flexibility