The personal growth that is possible from his work
can only be realized by direct experience.
The results exceed all beliefs of what can happen.

A training that leaves no residue.

For a singer, several important aspects of their singing can be upgraded through the physical/psychological training of Bob Cooley.

  • Giving the singer a total biomechanical upgrade of their posture and movements, especially those specific muscles that are essential to the production of elite sound quality. Increasing vocal range well beyond anything now known as possible.

    For example, increasing the flexibility and strength of the:

    1. Lateral hamstrings increases diaphragm control.
    2. Lateral quads, abdomen, pectorals, neck, and mouth increase singing ability.
    3. Posterior shoulder muscles, especially the infraspinatus, increases mouth opening size and talent.
    4. Posterior neck and shoulder muscles, triceps, and forearm extensors increases volume.

  • Learning how to generate incredible tension and relaxation by emotionally attaching to the desire of the audience and not simply singing the singer's emotional past and not getting lost inside with one's own emotions, instead staying out, and remaining conscious.

    For example, by increasing the flexibility and strength of the:

    1. Transverse abdominals, psoas major, rectus femoris, linea alba increases the 'star sexy' being #1 quality so desired by the judges.
    2. Medial hip adductors and oblique abdominals increases the likeability of the singer.
    3. Posterior lateral lower body muscles, and erector spinae increases the true image of the singer where they project those qualities most desired by the culture listening to them.

  • Learning how to connect to the life of the audience and not simply singing about the singer's life.

    For example, by increasing the flexibility and strength of the:

    1. Posterior medial hamstrings, rhomboids, serratus anterior increases the ability to connect and communicate with the audience.
    2. Latissimus dorsi, and intercostal muscles increases the ability to embrace the necessary changes for reinventing themselves.
    3. Pectoralis minor, biceps, and forearm flexors increases self discipline and judgment.

  • Dramatically increasing the singer's breadth of appeal which is normally severely limited by their lack of education about how to develop 16 aspects of their personality

    For example, by increasing the flexibility and strength of the:

    1. 16 distinct muscle groups enters the person into the complete set of personality traits that are most coveted by all different types of people.

  • Most importantly to success of the singer is to develop those aspects of their personality that balances their innate type. To the extent that they have developed the specific high traits of their balancing type will determine most everything about their career. These traits are those of their unconscious type.

    For example, by increasing the flexibility and strength of the:

    1. Muscles that balance their genetic personality type can the person develop those traits that are most desirable for that person. Each singer is judged by others dependent on their development of those exact traits.

Occupational risk of singing: Addiction

The flexibility training of Bob Cooley instantly and cumulatively increases the youth of the person, because resistance flexibility is a regenerative process literally erasing any past trauma while simultaneously developing the high personality traits opposite of what the trauma produced.

You must experience his work to believe what he has discovered is possible.

The Genius of Flexibility