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Streaming Videos

Watch over 200 videos of self and assisted Resistance Flexibility & Strength Training.


View start/end photos of self and assisted Resistance Flexibility & Strength Training.

Customized Sequences

Create personalized Resistance Flexibility & Strength Training routines.

Featured Sequences

Practice sequences curated by The Genius of Flexibility.


Bookmark your favorite exercises for quick and easy reference.


Take notes on any exercise to keep track of your progress.

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Take the flex check to discover just which exercises you need the most.


Problem solve with our frequently asked questions and principles of flexibility.

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While already comprehensive, The Genius of Flexibility's Training Archive showcases just a fraction of the Resistance Flexibility training developed by Bob Cooley over the past three decades. We are continuously adding new training material and features.

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Thank you! I am so happy with my subscription that I actually canceled my online yoga membership today. Thanks for the magnificent resource. I did not realize I would get so much with my membership.

What You'll Learn

Self Practice

Self Stretching

Learn how to leverage your resistance to create immediate increases in flexibility.

Self Strength Training

All of the stretches can be reversed to provide strength training to the same muscle group, no equipment necessary!

Self Practice
Self Practice

Assisted Practice

Assisted Stretching

Partner up with a friend to be assisted for accelerated gains in flexibility.

Assisted Strength Training

Your body is naturally and dynamically strength trained as you overcome your friend's resistance while stretching them.

Assisted Practice
Assisted Practice

Meridian / Muscle Relationships

Muscle Relationships

By understanding how your muscles relate to each other, you will be equipped with the knowledge to troubleshoot the chronically tight areas of your body.

Meridian Muscle Relationships

Discover where each energy channel runs through your body with our interactive muscular and meridian graphics.

Muscle Relationships Muscle Relationships Muscle Relationships

Flexibility in All Ways

Traditional Chinese Medicine Concomitance

Learn how improving one aspect of your body can improve your health not just physically, but also psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Personality Traits

Discover the high and low personality traits associated with each of the 16 kinematic rotational patterns. Learn how to use Resistance Flexibility to improve very specific aspects of yourself.

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