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  • Title Duration Instructor
    Beginner Flow (Short) 17 minutes Chris Renfrow
    Beginner Flow (Full) 42 minutes Luther Cowden
    Healthy Low Back 48 minutes Luther Cowden
    Energy Flow 36 minutes Luther Cowden
    Class / Lecture - April 11, 2015 59 minutes Bob Cooley
    Flow - April 22, 2015 60 minutes Luther Cowden
    Flow - April 30, 2015 69 minutes Luther Cowden
    Flow - May 6, 2015 86 minutes Luther Cowden
    Flow - August 17, 2015 23 minutes Noel Christensen Three Stretches 5 minutes Bob Cooley, Luther Cowden, Bonnie Crotzer, Noel Christensen, Roger Bacon Class 23 minutes Bob Cooley, Luther Cowden, Bonnie Crotzer, Noel Christensen, Roger Bacon
    Flow - January 17, 2017 30 minutes Luther Cowden
    Flow - June 15, 2018 59 minutes Luther Cowden

    What's an Energy Flow Series?

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), energy flows from one meridian muscle pathway to the next in a very specific order. In TCM this order is called the 'energy cycle'. This order is determined by the depth of the muscles in the body and begins with the muscles associated with the gall bladder, with the next always being its balancing muscle group, in this case liver, and then on through all the rest. The cycle always includes two lower body, then two upper body meridian muscle groups, and then repeats two more of each. Ultimately all 16 have been completed.

    When you Resistance Flexibility train, the energy flow series takes you through all sixteen muscle groups in a specific order. This order brings energy from one meridian muscle group and its associated organ to the next.

    Energy Flow Circle

    Energy Flow Trellis