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Dive right in by trying out an online class. Being able to comfortably get into each of the stretch positions, doing 6-10 repetitions, and resisting maximally are signs of average ranges of flexibility. Keep track of the stretches that are difficult for you to do fully.

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Customized stretching routines created by The Genius of Flexibility. Select any sequence and start stretching immediately. Use the sequences "as is" from that page or select "Copy to Your Sequences" from the copy menu and then go to your Sequences page to customize the featured sequence to your liking.

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The training archive is organized around 16 different types of stretch/strengthening exercises categorized by meridian muscle groups (MMG). Each stretch is also tagged with its associated physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual traits. Navigate the archive by MMG or tag via the Navigator.

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Create customized flexibility and strength training routines. Select the sequences icon ( ) throughout the site to create sequences and add stretches to them.


Select the star icon ( ) throughout the site to bookmark your favorite stretches.


You will probably notice many things as you try out each stretch. e.g. I have much more resistance on my right side compared to my left side in this stretch.

We recommend keeping track of these things as you progress in your flexibility. Select the notes icon ( ) throughout the site to keep notes on your stretching experiences.

Flex Check

We recommend that you check your flex to get a detailed profile of your strengths and weaknesses. Your flex check results will provide you with a guide for your stretching practice by revealing to you which parts of your self can use more flexibility, along with the specific stretches available to improve in just the ways you want. We recommend that you check your flex every three months to keep track of your progress as you continue to stretch. You can also check it more frequently should you so desire.


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Resistance Flexibility 1.0 by Bob Cooley

Book Companion

The Genius of Flexibility's Training Archive is best used as a companion to the book, The Genius of Flexibility by Bob Cooley.

Reading the book will provide you with a deeper understanding of the concepts at play in Resistance Flexibility & Strength Training.

Principles of Flexibility

Be sure to review the principles of flexibility to get a grip on the basic concepts involved in RFST.

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