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Becoming Flexible In All Ways

The hallmark of The Genius of Flexibility's training programs when compared to other modalities is our priority on improving the health of the trainer. Resistance Flexibility (RF) places enormous and unprecedented physical demands on the practitioner. Our trainers are assisted in their stretching on a regular basis to remove this occupational stress, create dramatic improvements in all aspects of their health, and develop them beyond their normal conditioning.

We believe that the best measure of success for our trainers is not simply their level of skill when assisting others, but rather how developed they are themselves - physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. This ensures that the health of our team does not degrade at the expense of those we aim to help, which is a common pitfall in the healing field. We believe the trainer must first embody the changes possible through RF before they will be able to provide an optimal RF experience for others.

Follow our trainers as we chronicle their development and feature status updates, video footage, and interviews.

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Bob Cooley
Founder & President
Santa Barbara, CA  Los Angeles, CA  New York City, NY  Boston, MA
Tom Longo
West Coast Director & Certified Instructor
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Luther Bryan Cowden
Certified Elite Trainer / Director of Technology
Los Angeles, CA  Santa Barbara, CA
Nick Ware
Certified Elite Trainer / Director of Research
Santa Barbara, CA  Los Angeles, CA
Kate Rabinowitz
Certified Intern
New York City, NY
Karen Mason
Certified Affiliate Intern
Santa Barbara, CA
Chris Pearsall
Certified Elite Trainer
Santa Barbara, CA  Los Angeles, CA
Affiliate Certification Training

The Genius of Flexibility’s Affiliate Certification Training is is open to all ages, abilities, and levels of experience. The only prerequisite is an interest!

ACT is a great way to be introduced to Bob Cooley's Resistance Flexibility (RF) for personal or professional gain.


Nothing is a substitute for stretching.