The Genius of Flexibility's Affiliate Certification Training (ACT) is open to all ages, abilities, and levels of experience. The only prerequisite is an interest.

ACT is a great way to be introduced to Bob Cooley's Resistance Flexibility (RF) for personal development and/or professional gain.

Certification Objective

ACT is designed to provide an entry-level education of all principles involved in Bob Cooley's Resistance Flexibility. This includes self stretching, assisted stretching, mashing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Genetic Personality Type concomitance, anatomy, and biomechanical analysis. The program is taught by experienced trainers.

Course Audience

The Affiliate Certification Training is designed for two categories of people:

  • Individuals who are interested in practicing Resistance Flexibility to accelerate their personal development
  • Individuals who are interested in becoming a certified trainer

Those interested in training others professionally should know that the distinguishing feature of The Genius of Flexibility's training programs when compared to other modalities is our priority on improving the health of the trainer before the health of the client. The true measure of success for our trainers is not what they can provide for the client, but instead how developed they are themselves - physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.

We believe the trainer must first embody the changes possible through RF before they will ever be able to provide an optimal RF experience for others. This is not a program to train normal fitness professionals. As such, our trainings provide a solid base to learn the principles of Resistance Flexibility, while the required coursework provides the rich learning experience necessary for one to personally develop, practice the learned principles, and become a proficient practitioner.

Those interested in personal development will be provided with a powerful tool to improve all aspects of their flexibility along with community support from others who regularly practice self and assisted stretching.

Course Structure

ACT consists of five levels, each of which allows the participant to fit the training program into their weekly schedule.

Levels I-III are offered as weekend courses, comprised of eight hour days including a one hour lunch break. See our events page for registration details.

Levels I-II are offered to anyone interested while Levels III and above are reserved for ACT participants approved by The Genius of Flexibility Center.

Level IV is a seven day course taught by Bob Cooley and Elite Trainers, 10-12 hours of training each day. Interns are assisted by an Elite Trainer for one hour each weekday.

Level V is a seven day course taught by Bob Cooley and Elite Trainers, 10-12 hours of training each day. Interns are assisted by an Elite Trainer twice each weekday (two 1 hour sessions).

Certification manuals are provided to participants at each training. Level III Certification includes a comprehensive 180 page color manual.

Also available are 9-day immersion certifications which offer Levels I-III in one consecutive block as opposed to separate weekend trainings. This format provides a focused and in-depth learning experience. Our immersions may also be more convenient for those traveling to us from out of town.

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Each ACT level includes four categories of coursework designed to facilitate the continued development of participants in between trainings. This coursework is required for those interested in becoming a certified trainer and is optional (but encouraged) for those attending solely for personal development reasons.

Each level of coursework requires eight or more hours per week of recorded self and assisted Resistance Flexibility. This is usually completed over the course of two months (approximately eight hours per week), but can also be completed within four months. The hours can stack, meaning you can take the next level even if you haven't yet completed the hours for the previous level. Daily online reports of self stretching, being assisted, and assisting an Elite Trainer (ET) are required. Each participant will be assigned to a mentor for guidance and support.

RF is a hands-on modality, therefore the best education occurs by participants working with Elite Trainers who aid in developing advanced skills, guide self-stretching, etc. ACT coursework combined with support from mentors provides a path of sustainable learning and support for ACT participants. Testing for both knowledge and assisting skill must be successfully completed to receive Level I certification.

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Worldwide Attendance

The Genius of Flexibility welcomes the diverse people from around the world that are traveling to our centers to participate in Affiliate Certification Trainings.

ACT participants that live afar from our centers often attend trainings with friends from their area. This makes it easy to continue assisted stretching upon returning home.

ACT participants from afar interested in furthering their education often travel to our center and spend several days training by stretching Elite Trainers, assisting ET in their private sessions, trading with other students, self stretching, attending classes/lectures, and more. Participants often do this in between trainings and/or stay for an extra several days before/after a weekend certification course.

Continuing Education

Affiliates are required to attend one continuing education course (CEC) every year to maintain skills and certification.

CEC courses will be offered on various specialized topics such as internal immune intervention (MS, Lyme), low back pain, rotator cuff, etc.

Annual international RF conferences to be announced.

The Genius of Flexibility plans to open centers in LA, NYC, DC, MIAMI, CHICAGO, ATLANTA, AUSTIN, etc.


Resistance Flexibility is a profound and transformative modality -- hard work and fun as well as effective.

I loved how light I felt afterwards, how all the stretches were so intricate when working on my muscles and how it melted away some of the fascia in my body. The concepts are pretty easy to understand and apply, all the while being in-depth and interesting! I feel such a difference in my body now! After applying the stretches into my daily routine, I noticed an incredible difference in my athletic performance, stamina, health, and posture. Incredible!

I have experienced reduction in impatience, a general refreshing of my personality, greater desire, and many physical changes, including reduction of aches, pains, and medical issues. I have a much greater appreciation for other people and interactions with them.

I am a yoga teacher...not my day well a dedicated cyclist. I cannot 'stretch' without resistance. If I stretch without properly applying resistance, I can feel improper tension, and rather than stretching the muscle, it pulls on the attachment... the joint! I no longer do or teach a traditional forward bend....with all the 'sitting' going on in our society a traditional yoga forward bend can create pain, improper movement based on tension, and perhaps cause injury.

The training was very enlightening for me. I gained a higher awareness of myself and my style of relating of others. I also gained more insight into the world of RFS. I am so blessed to have this new information in my life and look forward to the journey. I found the course to be fluid and well guided. It is such a huge web of information to dive into, especially if a person had no prior knowledge of the work. I feel that each part was introduced, however a lot of stretching was the focus.

Injury resolved, more energy and now I know how to self correct if I run into future issues!

Great way to stay flexible on a daily basis. A better approach than traditional stretching, which can create negative effects from over-stretching.

This is the best system I have found for fitness.

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Upcoming Certifications

Certifications are held throughout the year at our centers. Check our events page and subscribe to our email newsletter to stay up to date on our training schedule.

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