Workshop with Bob Cooley

"The Four Groups of Types"

16 Genetic Personality Types

April 16, 2016


Saturday, April 16th — 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

@ The Genius of Flexibility New York City

508 Broadway 2nd Floor

NY, NY 10012

Instructor: Bob Cooley
Founder & President
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Bob Cooley

Resistance Flexibility 1.0
The 16 Geniuses — Sixteen Genetic Personality Types 1.0 (release forthcoming)

The 16 Types are in Four Personality Groups

There are four aspects to each person: thinking, physical, thinking, emotional, and spiritual parts. These personal aspects form the foundation for four groups of types by the same names — Thinking Types, Physical Types, Spiritual Types, and Emotional Types, and there are four types within each group, totally 16 types. Each group has different generalized body parts, instincts, time references, information receptors, awarenesses, ways of thinking, and viewpoints that differentiate each group from the others. Each type therefore develops their group’s qualities initially at the expense of or disproportionately to the other three groups aspects of themselves. Each group has within it, one type that is the most physical, most thinking, most emotional, or most spiritual. Which of the four groups is your type in?

The Four Worldviews

The four aspects of yourself are experienced through the four parts of a stretch,
and reflected as Four Groups of Types

There are four brains in humans:
the physical brain that gives you instincts, the thinking brain that give you knowledge,
the emotional brain that gives you being, and the spiritual brain that gives you perspective.

These are like the four parts of a car:
the body, the driver, the engine, and the life of the car,
and these are identical to the four groups of types:
the physical group, the thinking group, the emotional group, and the spiritual group.
Each Group is composed of four types— a total of 16 types.

This event has concluded

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