Resistance Flexibility Workshop

"One Day Workshop"

Portland, OR
December 7, 2013


Saturday, December 7th — 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

7525 N Richmond Ave.

Portland, OR 97203

Instructors: Luther Bryan and Nick Ware
RFT Master Trainer
Director of Research
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This event is open to all levels of experience. The only prerequisite is an interest.

This is a great way to be introduced to Resistance Flexibility.

The Genius of Flexibility introduces the Resistance Flexibility™ (RF) training of Bob Cooley, a radical new dimension to yoga, physical therapy, personal training, and athletics.

Adding resistance to traditional stretching transforms the posture and the practitioner. RF is used to transform world-class athletes, performers, and business leaders.

This one-day intensive is designed to introduce students to the concepts, principles, and practice of RF.

The program will include self-stretching, basic assisted stretches, and an introduction to the psychological, emotional, and spiritual upgrades that RF can facilitate for practitioners and their clients.

Balancing muscle groups, a novel system of postural analysis, Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians, and 16 Genetic Personality Types distinguish this work from many others.

RF and the 16 stretches infuse yoga postures with biomechanical accuracy. It is commonly thought that simply weight training a muscle increases its ability to shorten, however, the ability of a muscle to shorten is dependent on its resistance flexibility.

RF focuses on the beginning range to improve range of motion and biomechanics. The stretches are fun and dynamic, and can take all aspects of a yoga practice and the practitioner to their full potential.

We will be taking a one hour break for lunch. Drink plenty of water starting the day before the event so that you are well hydrated. Also, please bring the following:

- One or two yoga mats
- Two towels or blankets
- Drinking water
- Snacks

This event has concluded

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7525 N Richmond Ave. Portland, OR 97203