Workshop with Bob Cooley

"Oh, Those Yoga Poses"

How to be endlessly successful in all types of yoga poses

Santa Barbara, CA
June 27, 2013


Thursday, June 27th — 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

@ Yoga Soup

28 Parker Way

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Instructor: Bob Cooley
Founder & President
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Most everyone has made great efforts to be successful at different yoga poses, often for decades. Let’s learn about how to use Resistance Flexibility to significantly catapult your results in yoga poses. You can expect immediate, cumulative, and permanent increases in flexibility and strength in any type of yoga pose using Resistance Flexibility.

The reasons why you have not been as successful as you’ve wanted in different types of yoga poses...

  • First, you must use Resistance Flexibility while stretching and not simply elongate your muscles. Yanking on your muscles, breathing into them, etc. simply won’t work. In the medical literature, there are hundreds of studies that conclude that yanking muscles results in damaged tissues and joints, while Resistance Flexibility results in significant increases in both biomechanical and physiological health.
  • Second, you need to know how to problem solve any yoga pose if you are not getting immediate success. Learn how increasing the resistance flexibility of the balancing and opposing muscle groups can help you be on your way and finally get unstuck.

This event has concluded

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