Workshop with Bob Cooley

"Oh, Those 16 Genetic Personality Types and Flexibility"

Gnothi se auton —Know thyself. But where’s the manual?

Santa Barbara, CA
August 29, 2013


Thursday, August 29th — 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

@ Yoga Soup

28 Parker Way

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Instructor: Bob Cooley
Founder & President
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From Bob Cooley’s groundbreaking work on the 16 Genetic Personality Types from: The 16 Geniuses — Sixteen Genetic Personality Types 1.0, and

Once you know about types,
for the rest of your life,
anytime you meet anyone,
you may always wonder and forever be unable not to wonder,
the indelible question:
"What type is this person?"

The reasons why you have not heard about the 16 GPT? This is Bob’s first public lecture/participation on types! You can learn:

  • First, from Glimpses Into the Types introduction, my discovery of the types, and how you can discover the types also.
  • Second, from Theory of the Types, more than twenty essential ideas from the theory of types.

This event has concluded

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