Workshop with Bob Cooley

"Cooley Yoga"

Cooley Yoga - better flexibility, strength, looks, psychological and emotional development, and grounded spirituality.

Santa Barbara, CA
June 11, 2014


Wednesday, June 11th — 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

@ Yoga Soup

28 Parker Way

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Instructor: Bob Cooley
Founder & President
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It's about time that everyone become more successful in their flexibility and yoga stretches. My discovery that muscles don't stretch by simply elongating them, but that you need to use resistance and tension when stretching, called Resistance Flexibility, results in immediate increases in true flexibility and strength. Based on my biomechanical model of Resistance Flexibility, Cooley Yoga establishes how the principles of balancing and opposing muscle groups are used to produce a great stretch in 16 different types of yoga poses, as well as problem solve for prevention and rehabilitation.

Classes include both self and assisted flexibility and yoga poses so that everyone can learn how not only to do self-stretches but how to also get assists from others to stretch more efficiently and optimally. Many versions of each of the 16 types of stretches can be learned. Use the one version that works best for you now and then use other versions as you become more and more flexible and strong.

In Cooley Yoga classes, the traditional yoga class transforms from a "one teacher" "many students" environment into everyone's intelligence being spoken. In class there are much greater physical demands and results both in self and assisted stretches along with ample time spent learning from everyone's experiences and perspectives.

A revolution in yoga is occurring. The missing link in flexibility and yoga technique has been unveiled — you need to tense and resist the muscles you are stretching — yielding the increases in flexibility and strength that everyone always expected from flexibility and yoga but did not occur, until now.

The hallmark of Cooley Yoga is the experience of predictable concomitant physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual upgrades specific to each of the 16 different types of yoga stretches.

Cooley Yoga — better flexibility, strength, looks, psychological and emotional development, and grounded spirituality.

Cooley Yoga

This event has passed...

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