Luther Bryan

Certified Elite Trainer

Los Angeles, CA

Santa Barbara, CA

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My journey into flexibility began when I was a sophomore in college. At that time, I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted my future to be, and was content with simply going through life pursuing whatever I happened to be interested in. A new interest piqued on Christmas Eve of 2002 when I learned of Resistance Flexibility through a random airport conversation. I knew immediately in that moment that my life had changed.

At that point, I wasn't interested in health, fitness, wellness, sports, or nutrition. I had no clue about yoga, traditional Chinese medicine, or psychology. But, I was interested in knowing more about myself. I also had some serious digestive health issues that needed to be addressed.

My instincts fired immediately upon hearing about this new way to stretch and I knew that I needed to take action to learn more. So I called up Bob and he suggested that I attend his teacher training intensive. I had zero interest in becoming a teacher or trainer. But at that time, there was no book and only a few trainers available, so the only way for me to learn was to dive in and go straight to the source.

My experience at the training confirmed my initial hit that this was something special that I certainly needed in my life and that this practice would benefit people around the world. It was clear to me that Bob had identified something so simple that it's hard to believe it hasn't already been identified by everyone. That's a recipe for a game changer.

I was able to identify this within myself upon my first assisted stretch, when I tried as hard as I could to move my leg in a particular direction while a group of others moved me into the balancing position. I had never used my body in such a way. As I stood up, the lightness I felt revealed to me what I had been missing out on my whole life, yet would then have forever more: knowledge of how to utilize this phase of movement to renovate my body’s tissue and heal.

I learned about how to train myself and others in 16 kinematic rotational patterns to target every possible movement and area of the body for strength or flexibility. This was plenty of game changer for me. But then I learned about the very specific physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual effects that Bob experienced from spending countless hours in any one of the sixteen kinematic rotational positions which lead him to identify 16 genetic personality types. It then became crystal clear to me that Bob was brewing up something mighty potent.

The fact that I had just experienced a brand new physical sensation for the first time in my life was enough of an experience to allow my mind to be open to other phenomena that may exist but which I've also been oblivious to. I realized that stretching in this way is the undo button for the body. Unlike training modalities that attempt to build a person into a particular form, this way of training removes residue accrued from unprocessed trauma, revealing one's natural form.

Perhaps what I found most valuable was the radical learning environment that is created when people get together to help each other in this way. I've always been particularly fond of learning through my own means and exploration as opposed to taking in force fed instruction. This way of moving felt like the physical equivalent of learning from where I'm at. The necessity for me to be actively engaged while getting stretched contributed greatly to this experience.

I could also see that Bob was working hard to create a new educational model that is based on identifying and being with one's own and each other's genetic viewpoint of reality along with the corresponding relationships that form there within. On a global level, I thought about how regular practice of this removal process can be the balancing antidote so desperately needed by a culture that is otherwise relentlessly building upon unstable and damaged biomechanics.

I was living with 100 people in a housing co-op in Austin, TX at the time which was also a radical learning environment in different respects. I was seeking self knowledge, needed physiological health upgrades, and finally felt like I found a form of exercise that just works. Game on. The metamorphosis of my body and health in all ways commenced.

I began sharing what I had learned with friends, forming groups so we could all practice assisted stretching together. Stretch, get stretched, stretch others became my motto. My friend with an extensive background in dance, physical therapy, yoga, pilates, fitness, health, movement, etc. loved the work and kept expressing how amazed she was to discover something so unique and effective given that she had tried every movement/healing modality under the sun. She insistently urged me to teach formally. I resisted this notion as my interest at the time was in building cooperative communities. Eventually, I realized that I was already serving as a teacher for my friends that I was sharing the knowledge with. Plus, I was becoming so focused on my own health that it only made sense to share what I was learning with others so that they too could benefit. So I decided to open a studio in Austin to offer flexibility training. Eventually I moved back to my home state of California and began working in Los Angeles. I've also spent time working in Boston, Santa Barbara, and around the world.

And so what started off as a passion and personal practice ultimately bridged into my professional life. It's been quite a journey of personal growth and development for myself and the others that I've worked with. Over the years, I've worked with many people from many different backgrounds: professional artists and performers, Olympic and professional athletes, global business executives, severely injured/ill individuals, people with desire to develop psychologically, emotionally or spiritually, and of course people just looking to get in shape.

It has been an honor to be able to introduce so many people to a new way to rehabilitate and develop their health. I appreciate all that I’ve learned from the people that I’ve worked with. The exchange that can take place through assisted stretching never ceases to amaze me.

I'm grateful for the community that I'm a part of that advances me in countless ways. I am now deeply immersed in health, having given in to the necessity of always forming a group of health enthusiasts around me that regularly advance each other's health. Over the years, I've found myself involved on all levels to share Resistance Flexibility with the world. Initially, I was fanatical about sharing it with anyone and everyone. I still have that desire, but I have also learned over time that developing myself and getting developed by others is the key ingredient for this to happen.

Aside from working with individuals, I also help organize and teach certification programs, workshops, classes, and more. I've been a huge technology geek throughout my life and so I naturally use technology as a platform for worldwide education. I'm a fan of open source projects and digital communication and educational platforms. At this moment, I am writing this after having spent the past six months rebuilding this website from scratch. I'm excited to publish this new site tonight so that it may serve others, continue to grow, and so that I can shift to working on other projects. I'm also excited to drive out to the Mojave desert tonight to dance under the full moon and celebrate life with good music and people.

More recently, I've found my interest in health going much deeper than I ever anticipated. A few years ago, I started putting my geek interests to use by creating graphics that visually depict physical movements and the relationships between each position and movement. This created a visual representation for a phenomenon that I otherwise only had a kinesthetic feel for when stretching and allowed me to more easily identify patterns that I was previously oblivious to. This turned into creating physical structures that provide variable biomechanical positioning and orientation which support the body such that any given muscle group may be targeted with optimal leverage in all phases of movement. This reorientation with gravity may serve to ease the physical demand on the assisters, allowing gravity to be an ally in the monumental task of exceeding the tensile strength of dense fascia and scar tissue, while also allowing the person getting stretched to generate maximal tension/resistance as necessary. Before long, I realized that I was learning about about spatial positioning and XYZ coordinates. I was discovering math, a subject I've never been fond of, through my body, as opposed to learning from a text book. This led me down a rabbit hole of geometry, physics, quantum mechanics, chemistry, Euclidean vectors, I Ching, Shri Yantra, and other subjects I know very little about. I discovered spin-½ and yin/yang as a geometric torus within myself and created mathematical expressions for movements and positions through -+= polarity sequencing. This led to me to create a digitally interactive torus which revealed four aspects of the torus as representations of the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of myself. Aside from the precious self knowledge I've gained by going through this, this same tool also serves as a geometric art generator, toroidal musical instrument, puzzle game, and more that I'm very excited to explore and create.

Aside from geeking out on stretching and computers, I very much enjoy singing, dancing, and acting. These were the activities that I was most interested in growing up. As I develop in flexibility, I'm finding myself spending more and more time reconnecting with these forms of expression that I otherwise disconnected from as I entered adolescence. I attribute this to the emotional changes that I've been experiencing as my tissue health is continuously upgraded. I now spend a few hours everyday singing, dancing, and stretching myself and have found this to be an essential part of my day. I'm so grateful for this and look forward to how this evolves.

Perhaps most surprising is my ever growing love for physical movement. Many people assume that I have always naturally been interested in movement based on my physical condition and my occupation. But, the reality is that it has developed over time. I now enjoy hiking, running, and biking the mountains or beach in my spare time. Other interests include being in nature, traveling, eating great food, devouring audiobooks, and doing nothing.

I didn't know that flexibility would lead me into the life that I now live. I still very much feel like I did when I first discovered it, that I'm simply content going through life pursuing whatever piques my interest. Over the years, I've felt my interest go in many directions, sometimes seeming like nothing is happening in the grand scheme. But, now I'm beginning to see my love for cooperation, community, education, health, communication, movement, technology, and creative/artistic expression coalesce into one cohesive body. I'm now more excited about the future than ever before.

If you haven't noticed by now, I can be very long winded when I write. So I'll stop now. Thank you for reading. I would like to know you. Please reach out to me if you feel so called. I wish you the best in health.