Beth Gorsky
Certified Affiliate Intern

Santa Barbara, CA

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Offering private sessions. Beth is a UCSB graduate with a Bachelors degree in Anthropology.  She has her certification in P90X, Lagree Fitness certificate and has taken Level IV and is a Certified Affiliate Intern at The Genius of Flexibility, and a Reiki Master.  She is a nature lover, budding philanthropist and humanitarian. Beth is co-leading a retreat this November 2017 to Costa Rica.
Be brave enough to find the hidden positive intentions, then you can live in this world that we have the key to fulfilling.  It is easier to see that we are all scared children running around trying to fulfill our needs.  We lose the opportunity to live freely in this world and let go of that thing and live a life of pure compassion.  If you're able to be honest to finding the buried positive intention, then we will live a life free of suffering. We can unhook ourselves from pain.  We lose the opportunity when we are unwilling to search for why we have created it in the first place, we lose the opportunity to let go of that thing and why we may be perpetuating it.  It is our willingness to search for these hidden positive intentions in our life.  I promise it will help you to let go of everything that you're struggling with and everything that no longer serves you. 

I was introduced to Resistance Flexibility Strength Training over a year and a half ago, by the manager at Yoga Soup, after recovering from a neck injury. I have been practicing yoga since 2008 and now get the added benefits of RFST in addition to yoga. I cannot imagine doing yoga any other way. I now have the added benefits of RFST which has helped me in becoming flexible in all ways and I can continue to develop myself in many ways - spiritually, emotionally, physically and psychologically. I am grateful for the guidance and teaching of Bob Cooley, Luther Cowden, Nick Ware, Patrick Gregston and the whole RF community that has been instrumental to my healing and growth. I am full of gratitude. I love Resistance Stretching!


I became a Reiki Master in July 2016. Reiki has helped me develop a wonderful new sense of confidence in my ability to connect with Spirit/Source/God through the development of a set of tools and skills that will allow me to have access to spiritual guidance and support on a daily basis.

Experience a new sense of peace and wellbeing in your day to day life.

Reiki is one of the most recognized healing arts being used today. Reiki is now offered in hospitals, is approved as continuing education units for nurses, and is offered in Chiropractic offices. Experience a REIKI healing and relaxation session that will help you release disempowering unhealthy thoughts, emotions and habits that block your connection to your True Self.

The more connected you become to your True Self and the more you can experience this connection, the easier it will be to release negativity and create health and balance in your life.


The Reiki System of Natural Healing is a Japanese healing technique used to activate and promote the natural healing abilities of the body by reducing stress and including relaxation. Reiki uses Divine Chi (Life Force Energy) to heal. It is a valuable complement to all healing therapies, including mainstream medicine. Reiki cannot harm anyone or anything because the energy is coming from God. Reiki provides an excellent foundation upon which to add other healing modalities, if the person chooses to do so.


Promotes deep relaxation

Increases Energy

Removes energy blocks

Reduces stress

Enhances health & wellbeing

Reduces aches and pains

Preventative healthcare

Energizes and balances

One of my favorite quotes, "I can tell you that what you are looking for is already inside you."
~ Anne Lamott


Beth Gorsky

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Beth Gorsky
Beth Gorsky

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Beth Gorsky




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