The Flexibility Training of Bob Cooley

Experience yourself and the world differently.
These differences are then used by the person to actively improve
the ways they are being, knowing, perceiving, and having perspective.
The personal growth that is possible from his work
can only be realized by direct experience.
The results exceed all beliefs of what can happen.
These personal upgrades are used to dramatically upgrade
the health of everything on our planet.

Bob Cooley discovered while attempting to rehabilitate himself from a tragic pedestrian automobile accident, that a total reshaping of his body, personality ways of being, and perspective occurred through a totally new scientific discovery he made about flexibility. His groundbreaking flexibility discovery: the necessity to contract and resist while stretching produces immediate, cumulative, and permanent increases in flexibility and strength. This 'resistance stretching' eliminates traumatized accumulated dense fascia surrounding the muscle. Removing this fascia results in totally reshaping posture, immediate performance upgrades, and significant improvements in physiological health.

Flexibility: it's all about the fascia, and not the muscles and joints.

But overshadowing these remarkable physical results was his landmark discovery that predictable personality upgrades occurred from increasing flexibility in specific areas of the body. In his second book The 16 Geniuses —Sixteen Genetic Personality Types he describes how from these unbelievable increases in flexibility, people find themselves reinventing themselves continuously, and creating accelerated rates of change in any aspect of themselves or their life.

Bob Cooley's discovery of the 16 types,
is a new type-based foundation for psychology.

And finally, his identification of sixteen types of relationships, one of which is associated with your balancing type, the right type for a long-term intimate relationship is the pinnacle of his work. As Bob wrote in his third book Balancing Types for Intimate Relationships:

"Perhaps no one has ever known whom really to partner with — not native people unspoiled by civilization, kings, queens, emperors, tribal rulers, one's parents, religious philosophies, the most educated, nor match makers, or astrologists. Whom to partner up with is something that has always been more or less a guessing match until now.

Balancing Types:
I'd rather be with someone that doesn't need me to be someone else.
They are uncomplicated, easy, simple-hearted,
and effortless in their interactions.
They are the conscious and unconscious 'flip' of each other.
They touch each other in exactly the right spots, like scratching an itch.
Smell matters—they have the right pheromones for each other.
They are forever madly in love, inescapably bounded,
with destinies nonpareil.
Communication between them flows like life itself.
They experience a sense of timelessness.
They are breathless, speechless, and powerless with each other.
They are connected regardless of whether either is still living.
They know they are satisfied and everyone else can also see it,
and everyone is positively affected by them.
Their lovemaking is more ecstatic than you ever fantasized.
This may just be the one type of relationship that can change the world.
Who your balancing type is,
is the single most unknown fact in the history of mankind."

Experience his work.

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Nothing is a substitute for stretching.