Super Bowl Sunday 2013
and The Genius of Flexibility

NFL Network with Laurent Robinson,
Andrea Kremer, and Bob Cooley

Sunday February 3, 2013 - 10:45 am EST

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The NFL Network will be airing a show with footage of Bob Cooley and Elite Trainers training Laurent Robinson. Andrea Kremer's footage capturing the Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training (RFST) of Laurent Robinson is scheduled to air on Super Bowl Sunday 2013 at 10:45 am EST on the NFL Network.

The Genius of Flexibility on NFL Network

Laurent and Andrea came to The Genius of Flexibility Center and filmed Bob and Elite Trainers performing RFST with Laurent for two hours. The short film clip on the NFL network briefly demonstrates how assisted RFST can help individuals with concussions.

Concussions and RFST

The following is not medical information. The following is a list of symptoms reported by individuals that have had concussions and were Resistance Flexibility and Strength Trained, and who reported the following changes in their concussions symptoms.

DISCLAIMER: No causal association can be made about RFST and concussions until clinical trials are conducted and completed. We are committed to such studies. RFST targets specific muscle groups that may account for the reported health improvements with individuals that suffer from concussions. However, until clinical trials have occurred using new non-invasive brain scanning equipment to quantify changes, no causal effect from RFST on concussions or any other health condition can be assumed.

It should be noted that concussions from sports injuries has created a new brand of life threatening disease that is a mental disease not just a physiological disease. There are significant differences in the magnitude of damage from concussions and the possible rate of healing. Only 20% of reported cases of concussions occur from sports!

The Genius of Flexibility Center provides an environment where athletes are supported to discuss all of their physical and mental symptoms. Clients have reported a range of concussion symptoms and changes post Resistance Flexibility training.

Immediate symptoms from concussions reported by clients include:

  • Head and brain pain
  • Spatial disorientation, loss of balance
  • Depersonalization, paranoia, over detachment/lack of attachment
  • Amnesia
  • Memory loss, forgetfulness, mental ability loss
  • Anger management concerns
  • Mood swings, depression, sleep insomnia
  • Reduction in intimacy and communication
  • Physiological distresses - especially brain and intestines
  • Significant increase in physical pain almost everywhere - elevation in toxicity
  • Decrease in skill level and learning rate
  • Lack of eye focus and control
  • Feeling 'not like oneself'
  • Totally different perception, perspective, consciousness, and understanding than previously known

Long-term symptoms from concussions reported by clients include:

  • Head aches, brain fog, confusion, diminished cognition
  • Short and long term memory loss
  • Concentration limitations
  • Digestion disorders - leaky gut, loose stools
  • Anger management and personal internal 'demon self talk'
  • Depression and lack of creativity
  • Depersonalization, paranoia, disorientation, dissociation disorders
  • Movement impairment - disturbance in balance, coordination, and depth perception
  • Cycles of amnesia and anamensia
  • Memorization limitations
  • Internal brain damage awareness - crushed skull syndrome
  • Low definition of the perceptual field especially visually
  • Decreased intimacy with possible increase in sex drive
  • Personality type disintegration
  • General mental confusion and limitations in mentation
  • Delayed and slowed verbal responses
  • Directional impairment and diminished sensory perception
  • Loss of self and other identification
  • Thwarting of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual development
  • Significant increase in toxicity - liver and appendix; metal taste in the mouth
  • Negative and disturbing dream content
  • Energy loss and instability
  • Shock and cyclothymia
  • Near Death Experience (NDE) symptoms

Post Resistance Flexibility effects reported by clients include:

  • More space inside my head for my brain to heal. The moving of my brain bony plates, an uncrushing of my brain, an increase volume for my brain.
  • Awareness of healing of my brain. Awareness that brain healing takes longer than external injuries to the skin or muscular system
  • High definition 'TV' perception of the world
  • Becoming more intelligent, bright, logical, analytical, a heightened mental functioning even before the concussions
  • Regaining of memory especially of days or month before the concussion
  • Dramatic increase in auditory acuity
  • Awareness increases on body aches and damage with simultaneous relief of chronic pain and increase in pleasurable body sensations and feelings
  • Return to feelings of self-identification and other-identification
  • Reconfiguration of time awareness: a clear identification of present, past and future time references
  • Increase in consciousness of self and other's desires
  • Increase awareness of aliveness of self and other
  • Increase perspective on self and other lives
  • Return of personal and professional ambition
  • Increase in relatedness, connectedness, and attachment to self and others
  • Increase in health in all vital organs especially brain, small and large intestines: digestion and elimination return to normal sweating
  • Detoxification of liver and appendix
  • Removal of chronic tenseness, discomfort, pain, and lifelessness and replaced by high functioning motor functions beyond those before the concussions
  • Positive dream content
  • Increase in judgment and discernment
  • Increase in intimacy, intrapersonal relating, openness, and communication
  • Completion of practical matters
  • New future plans engaged and actualized

Not just a return of a feeling of wellness and a reconnection to being alive, but an exceptional aliveness beyond anything I experienced before my concussions.

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