Becoming flexible in all ways...

Flexibility, meridians, organs, and types
...a map for a concomitant psychology


The information on types grows each day,
fast like a child, sudden like lightning,
sharp as a sword, and deep as anything can go;
humbling everyone in its path.

Where are you since we began?

People are more awake than asleep,
but still a little in the dark, and dreaming about being more awake.
People are more alive than dead,
but still lacking enough energy, and aware of needing to be lighter.
People are more conscious than unconscious,
but still a little too anxious, and wanting to be more satisfied.
And people are more knowledgeable than not,
but still clearly unknowledgeable, and wishing for more enlightenment.
Because most people are as yet unable to identify something ...

Where are you now headed?

But you must acknowledge that conditioning is almost everything.
Conditioning is the ocean that forms us,
touching every part of us, leaving nothing unturned;
but it doesn't change your personality type.
And because personality type is fixed,
there is only one thing to do:
nurture yourself into one of the most amazing people on the planet.
Become a reflection of what you wish the world to be.

Where have you seen other people go so far?

Because of the direct association of cultures, races, and religions with types
anyone can finally understand cultures, races, and religions
by experiencing the types both from within themselves,
and from having more perception on these groups —
once you know types.

Where are you still stuck?

16 types:
authorities on every topic you ever needed to know
16 types of relationships:
all designed by nature to show you reality

A positive model for psychology...

Solve addiction by developing sobriety and temperance
You are protected from discovering the why of your problem
until you develop these missing high traits.

Is this more than you planned on?

All beliefs are intangible and require no justification...but
when something is just out of reach,
when it is a belief that is just nearing tangibility,
you can live it if you can somehow hook it to an experience,
and then it is no longer unbelievable.
Life is always just beyond what you can imagine.
It is beyond what you believe.

Hamstring stretch

The Eighth Virtue

After knowing types for awhile,
an unusual insight occurs:

Anytime someone behaves in an extraordinarily positive manner, you find yourself absorbing their high traits, learning how to be like them, and then exhibiting these unexpectedly when you are doing something with just the right person, at the right time, and in the right place. And when you or someone behaves in a horrible manner in any way whatsoever, you simply realize that each is simply malfunctioning internally, and that when these internal functionings are fixed, just like when you fix a broken part inside a car, you and everyone else can run more humanly, sometimes for the first time, in a particular way, in a very long time!

Because of knowing types
you will learn how other people know you from their outside perspective,
while you perceive how you know yourself from within yourself;
And you will see others from a perspective outside themselves,
as well as know them from within yourself.

Knowing types
results in you developing the virtues of:
pity, love, integrity, humility, temperance, chastity, moderation,
and the eighth virtue of empowerment,
while your mistakes of:
anger, sloth, envy, pride, gluttony, lust, greed,
and the eighth transgression of suppression metamorphose.

You probably have always hated the negative parts of yourself and others, either wanted to know how to defend yourself from these things or wanted these horrific behaviors to simply go away. But by knowing types, you will develop a new and infinitely better understanding of why these negative aspects of yourself and others exist. You will realize that these negative things, the vices in you and others, are exactly the 'stuff' in everyone that are transmuted into virtues. The negative aspects of people are the essential ingredients that are converted into the behaviors of saints.

It is only through having an awareness of the dark side of yourself and others that you then can create the opposite light side of yourself and others. In the process of converting your undesirable shortcomings, you learn how to turn the worst parts of yourself and others into the most righteous and admirable advantages — alchemizing that which you hate the most into gold.

Knowing types will break down
the fear and bias you have about people forever,
and elevate your predation instinct
into its higher trait of being uplifting.

And knowing types will help you to identify and further develop the four different aspects of yourself: the thinking, physical, spiritual, and emotional parts of yourself. Knowing these parts increases your clarity, wakefulness, perspective, and consciousness. But the changes that you experience because of knowing types might best be described as you experiencing yourself as living on different continents, with many different people, at different moments, every other minute, of every day. Your everyday experience of yourself and the world about you will be turned inside out and outside in.

Knowing the types will change the world as you know it,
because knowing types results in helping everyone
to develop the eighth virtue of having power over their lives and others —
or what is experienced internally as knowing the truth.
Until now this eighth unknown virtue of empowerment
and its opposite low trait of suppression have been unidentified.

And how long will it be before you admit your Genius to yourself?
Learning how to stretch exactly the way you need to,
and in no other way, connects you to your Genius.
Catapult yourself forward.
Awaken the slumbering Genius inside.
You are one in a zillion.
I believe in you.
Life takes time.

Love and respect, Bob

Pigeon pose
The Genius of Flexibility