We conducted an online anonymous survey asking people about their experience with RF. Here's what people are saying...

Would you recommend Resistance Flexibility to a friend seeking help for an injury, health issue, general wellness or performance upgrade?

100% of respondents chose YES

What was your primary reason for seeking Resistance Flexibility?

I have had some problems with mobility in my shoulders, and a feeling of tension in my chest, plus a chronic back ache (sometimes mid-back, sometimes lower back, and sometimes more in the shoulders and neck). I have mild arthritis in my hands and have been taking Glucosamine Chondroitin for it. I suspect my shoulder and back problems may be due to tension, poor posture and aging (I am now 66). I have done a mild yoga asana practice mostly on my own, and have taken lessons in the Alexander Technique, and have had a chiropractic adjustment. These were all somewhat helpful. I think the Resistance Stretching will strengthen my musculature to help support my back properly. I also have chronic digestion problems, including lactose intolerance and gluten sensitivity. My goal is to gain more flexibility overall, and reduce or eliminate the back discomfort. I also hope the resistance stretching will help with my arthritis and my digestion problems.

Hip dysplasia, labral tear, hip impingement, arthritis, cartilage loss.

Friend has MS and she is doing well. Realized that I did not have to hurt all the time.

The first thing I noticed about Bob Cooley when I met him was what a skeptic he is and how interested he is in concrete personal experiences, rather than theories. These aspects of his personality made his discoveries all the more believable for me. The 2nd thing I noticed was how physically healthy all of his trainers look. Their bodies look healthy and their faces look clear. It's a contagious look. So I'm stretching to get some of the personal development that Bob and his crew have.

My primary concern was depression and lack of satisfactory ability to carry out my intentions day to day along with some impatience and anger. My secondary concerns were aches and pains and persistent low level medical issues such as on again off again lower back pain.

I'm a farmer and my work is very physical. In order to maintain performance I must maintain flexibility! Over years of limited motion and large and small trauma, my flexibility has been compromised in too many ways to list.

Knee pains...needed stronger more flexible quads and hamstrings!

Would love to have more flexibility when I practice my pole dance moves.

Experienced a lower back disc tear during a marathon and was unable to start running after I had fully healed. It was through Resistance Flexibility that I was able to open up my lower extremities to release the stress that caused the injury in the first place.

I am a yoga teacher...not my day job...as well a dedicated cyclist. I cannot "stretch" without resistance. If I stretch without properly applying resistance you can feel improper tension and rather than stretching the muscle it pulls on the attachment...the joint! I no longer do or teach a traditional forward bend....with all the "siting" going on in our society a traditional yoga forward bend can create pain, improper movement based on tension, and perhaps cause injury.

I wanted to maintain/regain my weight from my 20s and 30s, prevent injury and degenerative disease and regain/maintain youthfulness.

Hip flexor issues, excessive quad tightness. Liver, heart, and digestive problems. Severe tissue dehydration.

Helping others as I am a massage therapist.

Had back surgery and have had MS for 35 years.

Want to increase my flexibility to decrease chance on injury in the future.

I have fibromyalgia with increasing frequency of flare ups. Having passed age 60 I am noticing a decrease in flexibility and mobility. I want to be climbing stairs and using the oliptical at 90.

I play a lot of competitive golf about 100 + rounds a year, and would like to increase my flexibility and perhaps suggest stretches for my sport.

Autoimmune disease.

Keep myself in decent shape while recovering from shoulder surgery that prevented almost all weight training.

I am not flexible at all get injured when exercising.

What results have you experienced from Resistance Flexibility training? (example: injury resolved, specific performance upgrade, etc.)

I can feel parts of my body that I didn't used to feel. I can feel the tightness that I was previously unaware of. When I get help with stretching, I can feel the relief that comes from getting extra space in my body, particularly in my hips. My digestion has improved. I have moments of spontaneously clear and analytical thinking that I didn't used to have. I have felt the fascia strip away on a few occasions of getting stretched. I have felt the energy pathways on a few occasions. I've had specific mental/behavioral results from intensely stretching specific body parts.

I have experienced reduction in impatience, a general refreshing of my personality, greater desire, and many physical changes, including reduction of aches, pains, and medical issues. I have a much greater appreciation for other people and interactions with them.

I've learned that muscle tightness and locked up postures can be corrected and restore shocking range of motion very quickly. Adding resistance actions to my yoga practice has help me progress enormously.

Injury resolved, more energy and now I know how to self correct if I run into future issues!

Stronger and more control.

Body functions internally much better. In addition my body performs better walking, running, skiing, sitting, and just in daily life. I also have developed in all aspects of my life with RFST!

I have never experienced that injury or complications from it again. I've been able to prevent injuries with Resistance Flexibility and step up my distance to an ultra and try other sports for more balance.

I realize a deeper, more effective lengthening of the muscle. The movement happens within the muscle rather than pulling on my joints and attachments.

Every day flexibility.

More strength, look better in clothes, more muscle volume helps maintain weight, more flexible, can play on the floor with my grandchildren (some of my friends can't even get down to the floor). I also avoided a major injury due to a serious fall in a restaurant this winter. I slipped on some food on the floor by the salad bar, but I believe due to strong core strength, I completely avoided any serious injury and even soreness or bruising. Everyone around me was amazed, especially when they discovered I was 61 years old.

All issues have resolved and my body is healthy and strong and getting younger every day - I owe my life to this process thank you.

General well being is elevated. Increased flexibility and greater spiritual awareness.

Less pain.

About a 25% increase in range of motion in my left leg. Also the shrinking of three very very large herniated disks in my back. And I am hoping for increased disk space in my lower spine. Last I plan on getting my knees as good as new and a full return to sports and training. So I can start a altitude camp teaching what I have learned!

Much improved general health, drastic increased mobility.

No surgery required! And, return to normal - and highly physical - activities with only limited restrictions.

Emotional stability, self assurance, dealing with daily stress, reducing impulses, increased flexibility and strength in muscles and coordination of body movements.

I've been doing the stretches for a couple of years and I enjoy doing them. I believe the program has helped keep me flexible.

Other comments about your experience with Resistance Flexibility?

I just hope you all can explode this! Good luck!

Resistance flexibility is a profound and transformative modality -- hard work and fun as well as effective.

I love it!

I love the many ways I can explore resistance while finding flexibility! As well a great deal of strength and stamina can be "built". I like the "reps" approach...it takes that to to acquire flexibility in a movement.

My life is considerably better when I am teaching and practicing resistance stretching then when I am not.

I like the theory and minimal time effort (compared to other forms of stretching).

Great way to stay flexible on a daily basis. A better approach than traditional stretching, which can create negative effects from over-stretching.

This is the best system I have found for fitness.

Would you recommend Resistance Flexibility to a friend seeking help for an injury, health issue, general wellness or performance upgrade?

I am continually recommending it to nearly everyone I know.

Yes, yes and YES!


Have already done so, to a number of athletes.

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