BL - Crossover Bent Leg Extension (lying)


Crossover Bent Leg Extension (lying) (Beginner)

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Start Stretch HerePosition One
Crossover Bent Leg Extension (lying) - Starting Stretch Position
Stretching happens throughout the movement, not just at the end position.
Continuously resist while moving from position one into position two.
End Stretch HerePosition Two
Crossover Bent Leg Extension (lying) - Ending Stretch Position
Continue to resist in position two. You won’t get a stretch without resistance.
Stretching without resistance can lead to injury.

Getting Into Position

Lie down on your back. Grab the outside of one foot with the arm from the opposite side of your body.

Resistance Flexibility Training

Begin in position one and resist while moving into position two.

Start with your leg bent, with your heel near your glutes. Continuously contract your hamstrings by kicking your heel down toward your glutes as you overcome this force with your other arm, pulling your heel up and across your body to elongate your lateral hamstrings.

Resistance Strength Training

Begin in position two and resist while moving into position one.

Start with your leg in an extended position. Kick your heel down toward your glutes as you use your hand to slow down this movement to strength train your lateral hamstrings.


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This type of stretch can help to increase the flexibility and strength of the muscles on the back of your hips, legs, feet, torso, neck, and head. This stretch can also improve the health of your bladder, bones, and upgrade your image. Psychologically, this type of stretch can help to develop honesty, hopefulness, self-esteem, and performance while dismantling narcissistic behaviors.

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