SK - Armcake
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Start Stretch HerePosition One
Armcake - Starting Stretch Position
Stretching happens throughout the movement, not just at the end position.
Continuously resist while moving from position one into position two.
End Stretch HerePosition Two
Armcake - Ending Stretch Position
Continue to resist in position two. You won’t get a stretch without resistance.
Stretching without resistance can lead to injury.

Getting Into Position

Get onto the ground on hands and knees. Bring one arm across your body, turn your hand up, and place your hand on the ground. Place your other hand on top of this hand.

Resistance Flexibility Training

Begin in position one and resist while moving into position two.

Start with your torso lifted off the ground while leaving your hand anchored to the ground. Contract the muscles on the back side of your arm and shoulder by pushing your hand down into the ground. Use your other hand to anchor this hand to the ground while you lean away from that hand bringing your toso down to the ground.

Resistance Strength Training

Begin in position two and resist while moving into position one.

Start with your torso down toward the ground. Contract the muscles on the back of your arm and shoulder by pushing your hand down into the ground as you bring your torso up and away from the ground.


Natural breathing is the best way to breathe when Resistance Stretching. Your body knows how to breathe, you simply have to let it show you. Learn more...


This type of stretch can help to increase the flexibility and strength of the muscles on the back of your shoulders, neck, head, back of your arm, forearm, and hands. This stretch can also improve the health of your skin, nails, external immune system, and lymph flow. Psychologically, this stretch can also help to develop your desire to be challenged, athleticism, delight, community, restfulness, and recovery while dismantling antisocial behaviors.

This exercise targets the...
Posterior Lateral Aspect of Your Arms
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